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Shilajit vs Turkesterone

Written by: Julian Cornelissen



Time to read 13 min

Shilajit vs Turkesterone | directly to:

 *In this blog, Shilajit is considered a separate supplement, but Shilajit is actually one medium which should be added to milk or your tea with honey.

Shilajit and Turkesterone are considered by many to be among the most effective supplements for athletes around the world. If you're not sure what these products are, how they work and what they do, read on to learn all about these two compounds.

Disclaimer: The content of this blog is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice, recommendation or health claim. While we strive to provide accurate and up-to-date information about various supplements and the studies that have been conducted on them, we always encourage readers to conduct their own research and/or seek professional medical advice before deciding to take any to use supplements.

The links to products on this blog are provided for the convenience of the reader only. Linking to our products in no way implies that these products provide specific health benefits, such as conclusions from studies or that they have been approved by medical professionals. We do not make any health claims about our products.

Shilajit, or as it is commonly called, "mineral pitch", is a sticky and slightly tarry liquid formed as a result of the slow decomposition of plant materials over a long period of time. It is mainly obtained from the rocks of the Himalayas, Tibetan and Altai Mountains. Shilajit can also be found in Northern Chile where it is referred to as Andean Shilajit. However, the highest quality Shilajit is found in the Himalayas. Well, Shilajit is not just some random liquid with no history. Records show that it was used in traditional medicine by the indigenous people around the spring mountains for many years ago. In the Ayurvedic medicine of India, Shilajit has been used to treat various diseases and conditions that affect the immune system, heart, digestive system and urinary tract.


What's in Shilajit?

As we have read before, Shilajit is obtained from mountainous areas of limited places in the world. It is of course understandable if you wonder what the composition is of this tar-like liquid, which is extracted from mountain crevices, which is used as a medicine for many ailments.

If you have heard of humic substances before, Shilajit consists of such compounds. Humic substances are naturally occurring organic compounds that arise as a result of the slow decomposition of plant material over a long period of time. In Shilajit, fulvic acid is the main component of such humic substances. In fact, it accounts for 60-80% of the total nutraceutical compounds in this medicinal compound. Also, most of the health benefits of Shilajit are attributed to the presence of fulvic acids, which is no coincidence as it is a strong antioxidant.

In addition to fulvic acid, there are also other important components in Shilajit. Some of them are selenium, fatty acids, sterols, triterpenes and polyphenols. Selenium is a trace mineral with many beneficial properties. It is associated with treatment for certain cancers and heart disease (Potential Role of Selenium in the Treatment of Cancer and Viral Infections) (Selenium and coronary heart disease: a meta-analysis) It has also been found to strengthen the immune system, prevent mental decline and reduce asthma symptoms (The Role of Selenium in Inflammation and Immunity: From Molecular Mechanisms to Therapeutic Opportunities).

Triterpenes and polyphenols are also a class of compounds that possess great pharmacological properties. Research has shown that they have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antibacterial, antiviral, hepatoprotective, gastroprotective and cardioprotective properties. (Immunomodulatory properties of triterpenes) (The Role of Polyphenols in Human Health and Food Systems: A Mini-Review).


Health Benefits of Shilajit

Now that you know what Shilajit is, and what it contains, let's take a look at some of the potential health benefits of this compound.

Shilajit And Its Health Benefits Explained 

Increases testosterone levels

The male sex hormone testosterone is responsible for sexual development, bone mass, muscle mass and strength, and other essential functions such as the production of sperm and red blood cells. When present in the body in low amounts, conditions such as erectile dysfunction, decreased bone mass and low sex drive can occur. Interestingly, research has found that Shilajit helps increase natural testosterone levels.

A study found that supplementing with Shilajit for 90 days increases total testosterone, free testosterone, and dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEAS) in individuals aged 45-55. The study was limited to people aged 45-55 years and therefore does not rule out the possibility that it increases the testosterone level in a younger target group.

Would you like more information about Shilajit and its role in testosterone and associated study? Read more about this in our article:

Fights Infertility

Since Shilajit helps increase testosterone levels, it can be expected to improve fertility. Infertility is a condition in which one cannot become pregnant after at least a year of unprotected sexual activity. In men, it can be the result of low sperm production, sperm quality, and other health problems.

In a study published in the International Journal of Andrology, supplementing Shilajit extract for 90 days in men battling infertility was found to significantly improve their sperm count and mobility.

Read more about this in our article:

Improves muscle mass

Bodybuilders love Shilajit! And that's because this natural gooey liquid helps them achieve their muscle goals. As we have seen before, Shilajit helps increase the production of testosterone in your body, the anabolic hormone responsible for increasing your muscle size.

Besides the fact that Shilajit increases testosterone production (guaranteed muscle gains), it can also boost exercise performance. Its fulvic acid content can significantly improve the absorption of minerals and other nutrients in the body. This has been shown, among other things, in a study into the effects of Shilajit in altitude sickness: "Shilajit: A Panacea for High Altitude Problems"

Fights fatigue

When we are tired, we feel tired and exhausted. Shilajit is used by the ancient Indians in Ayurveda to combat fatigue and relieve stress, and is considered a substance with great rejuvenating properties. Its consumption can quickly give you energy to feel good again. Fortunately, modern scientific research has shown that Shilajit does indeed relieve fatigue, as its intake can improve physical performance by enhancing the energy-producing properties of the mitochondria.

The effect of Shilajit on the mitochondria has been described in a rat study: "Shilajit attenuates behavioral symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome by modulating the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis and mitochondrial bioenergetics in rats"

Fights “High Altitude” Disease

Altitude sickness or acute mountain sickness occurs when people get to a high altitude, which is usually associated with lower atmospheric pressure, high wind speed and colder temperatures. These many factors cause symptoms such as gastrointestinal problems, dizziness, insomnia, lethargy, diarrhoea, constipation, palpitations, anorexia, vomiting and respiratory distress. Fortunately, research has shown that Shilajit combats most of the problems of acute mountain sickness. (Shilajit: A panacea for high-altitude problems).

Now that we know what Shilajit is, what it contains and what benefits it can provide to our bodies, let's take a look at its counterpart, Turkesterone. 

Like Shilajit, Turkesterone is a natural compound. It is in fact extracted from a plant called Ajuga turkestanica. Although a few other plants such as Spinacia oleracea, Asparagus filicinus, rhaponticum carthamoides, Dioscorea and Vitex scabra, contain Turkesterone in varying amounts. However, most of the turkesterone we consume today is extracted from Ajuga turkestanica.

Like Shilajit, Turkesterone has become a mainstay among athletes and bodybuilders around the world. This is due to the many body enhancing effects it has. Before we look at those effects, let's take a look at where Turkesterone comes from, and what it's made of.

Where does Turkesterone come from?

As mentioned, most of the Turkesterone we consume today comes from the Ajuga turkestanica plant, a perennial herb belonging to the Lamiaceae family (mint family). There are over 300 plant species in the genus Ajuga, but the herb Ajuga turkestanica is found only in Central Asia, particularly in Uzbekistan. It is said that the plant also grows in the low mountains of southern Tajikistan. The plant has a long history of use in traditional medicine, and is used to treat problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, dysentery, malaria and gastrointestinal disorders.

The plant from which Turkesterone is extracted is rare and can only be found in a few places in central Asia. This only makes Turkesterone more valuable.

What is Turkesterone?

Turkesterone is an ecdysteroid, a class of compounds that are structurally similar to androgens (male sex hormones such as testosterone). They occur in insects, certain aquatic animals and some plants. In insects, they are responsible for molting and development. Turkesterone, ecdysone and 2-deoxyecdysone are examples of ecdysteroids. When ecdysteroids come from plants, they are called phytoecdysteroids. Ecdysteroids are known for their ability to increase muscle hypertrophy and improve athletic performance. That is why they are now regularly used in the creation of supplements that can support the growth and activity of athletes and bodybuilders.

Of all the available ecdysteroids, Turkesterone and ecdysterone are the most commonly used compounds when it comes to increasing muscle growth.

The health benefits of Turkesterone

Like Shilajit, the consumption of Turkesterone supplements has many health benefits, especially for athletes and bodybuilders. Some of these benefits include:

Increases muscle growth

The anecdotal evidence of the use of Turkesterone as an anabolic agent to enhance muscle growth in bodybuilders is overwhelming. In addition to unfounded claims, recent scientific studies have also supported Turkesterone's anabolic potential.

Some evidence to support such claims is that Turkesterone can help promote protein synthesis. It would do this by increasing the efficiency of mRNA translation and the functional activity of polyribosomes. This is in addition to helping to limit the breakdown of proteins in the body and improving the amount of Leucine taken up by cells. And as you probably all know, proteins are the foundation of our muscles. They are the basis of growth.

More information and research can be found on our Turkesterone information page: turkesterone

Prevents muscle breakdown

As an athlete or bodybuilder, preventing muscle breakdown during training is essential for sustainable muscle growth. During intense exercise activities, our body can enter a calorie deficit phase, in which we no longer have valuable calories to burn. When that happens, our bodies look for alternative energy sources to support activity. It can begin to break down fat and muscle cells to provide the necessary energy to complete the activity.

Fortunately, there is some evidence that Turkesterone can help prevent this type of muscle breakdown by increasing nitrogen retention in the cells. In addition, there is further evidence that protein catabolism (breakdown) can be prevented by ingesting Turkesterone, as it is able to lower glucocorticoid levels, which can hinder the production of proteins and accelerate their breakdown.

Relieves stress and fatigue

Like Shilajit, Turkesterone is considered an effective adaptogen. Adaptogens are herbal compounds that help our bodies fight stress, fatigue, anxiety and other stress-related conditions. Since Turkesterone is able to boost ATP production, it can help you stay energized throughout the day, preventing fatigue. (Practical uses for ecdysteroids in mammals including humans: an update)

Increases strength and athletic performance

If you do very demanding sports activities or lift heavy weights, your body definitely needs that extra energy to efficiently complete your exercises. Research has shown that using Turkesterone can increase a person's strength, improve exercise endurance, and improve athletic performance. These benefits are all attributed to Turkesterone's ability to stimulate the production of ATP/energy, the fuel for our body cells.

Other Key Benefits

There are plenty of other health benefits of Turkesterone that we haven't mentioned yet. Some worth mentioning are its ability to help improve nervous system function, boost our general immunity, and reduce the levels of bad cholesterol in the body. That said, more research on these benefits is needed as many studies still lack clinical evidence to back up their claims.

Shilajit or Turkesterone?

If you've reached this section of the blog, I'm pretty sure you now know what both Shilajit and Turkesterone are, what they contain, and what they can do for your body. They are currently among the most widely used supplements in the sports and bodybuilding world. However, people often find themselves in the dilemma of choosing the right supplements for their exercise needs.

For bodybuilders, the intake of both substances can provide even more benefits. Although they have many similar benefits, their mechanisms of action are very different. Taking them both at the same time is guaranteed to maximize your profits. Let's take a look at some of the benefits they have in common.

Muscle strengthening

Both Shilajit and Turkesterone can improve the growth of your muscles. Shilajit does this by stimulating your body to produce even more testosterone, the hormone responsible for muscle strength and growth. Turkesterone, on the other hand, achieves the same result due to its anabolic property. By itself, it is a compound that is structurally similar to testosterone. It improves muscle growth by stimulating the production of more protein, which, as we all know, is the building block of our bodies.

Stress and fatigue

Available literature has shown that both Shilajit and Turkesterone have adaptogenic benefits that have been used since the days of ancient medicine. They possess compounds that can support one's mental health, including helping your body deal with stress, anxiety and sleep problems. A body without stress and fatigue means better athletic activity and even more muscle growth because you can train, eat, sleep and recover better. All this is crucial for the success of any sporting activity.

Increased energy

When we exercise, our body needs a constant supply of energy. Fortunately, both Shilajit and Turkesterone can stimulate your body to produce even more energy. This can help you complete your workouts efficiently and without much stress.

Beware of fake Shilajit and Turkesterone products

If you look up Shilajit and Turkesterone, hundreds if not thousands of products will appear. While some are genuine, many products are just counterfeit. This comes as no surprise, given that both products are not that easy to come by. Not to mention the limited availability of sources of both substances around the world.

Shilajit, for example, can only be mined in the Himalayas, the Altai and Tibetan Mountains and north of Chile. Moreover, it is not very easy to win, because it requires climbing high in the mountains, which can be quite a challenge even for indigenous inhabitants of these areas. Turkesterone is also extracted from the herb Ajuga turkestanica, which is only found in some parts of Central Asia. Considering the fact that both products are not very common in the world, that makes them prone to counterfeiting. That is why you should always look out for reliable manufacturers of these herbal preparations when you are about to step in.

In the article: “Is there a lot of fake Turkesterone on the market?” let's go deeper into this.

Where to buy Shilajit and Turkesterone?

Shilajit and Turkesterone is available in many places, however, as you have read, there are many fake products on the market.

At Apex Nutrition you are assured of the original and genuine product. We can guarantee this because we purchase the products locally in the country of origin and also have them tested at an independent lab for the authenticity and quality of the product.


Shilajit vs Turkesterone: Well, if you ask me to list the best supplements to help you grow your muscles, improve your sports performance, and refresh your mental state, Shilajit and Turkesterone will definitely make that list. They are natural, effective and well tolerated. Available information also shows that they are completely safe to use, with little to no side effects if any.


The information provided in these blogs is based on third party research and sources. We have not conducted these studies ourselves and therefore cannot take responsibility for the accuracy, reliability or validity of the information.

In addition, we expressly state that the content of these blogs does not contain any health claims or guarantees. The information provided should not be considered a substitute for professional medical advice. Always consult a qualified health care professional before making any decisions based on the information in these blogs.

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