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Privacy Policy

This is the privacy statement of Apex Nutrition (hereinafter: “we” or “us”). In this we explain what we do with your personal data and why we do it. If a term is not described in this statement, it has the meaning as described by the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation EU 2016/679). Please take the time to read this statement in its entirety so that you are fully informed. If you have any questions about this statement, please contact us. Our contact details can be found at the end of this statement. We respect your privacy and are committed to protecting your personal information. In this privacy statement we explain what we do with your personal data when you visit our website (regardless of where from), what your privacy rights are and how the law protects you.



We process the personal data of customers who have (had) direct or indirect contact with us. We receive the data directly from you when you visit our website, create an account and fill in certain information or when you contact our customer service. In some cases we receive your data from others. When someone sends an order directly to you as a gift, for example, we receive your name and address details. We may also receive data from other parties, but only if you have given those parties permission to provide us with certain data.




With every order you place with us, we process the following personal data:


First and last name

Delivery address (street, house number, zip code and city)

Billing address (street, house number, zip code and city)

Phone number

[Optional] date of birth

Email address

IP address (30 days)

We process this personal data to be able to process your orders and to answer any questions about your order. The processing grounds we use are to perform the agreement we have concluded with you and to comply with our legal obligations. Think of our legal administration obligations.

We are legally obliged to keep data from your orders (such as invoices and other accounting documents) for 7 years.



To make ordering easier, you can also choose to create an account. If you create an account and enter the relevant data, we process the following personal data:


First and last name

Addresses entered in the address book

Orders you place

Reviews you post

Phone number

Email address

We process this personal data to be able to process your orders and to answer any questions about your order. We use your orders and reviews to gain insight into the preference you have for our products.

You can choose to save your credit card information when placing an order. This way you can immediately use the same credit card with your next order without having to enter all the data again. You can view and delete the saved credit card details in your account.

The grounds that we use to process your, first name, last name, addresses, telephone number and e-mail address are: to perform the agreement we have concluded with you and to comply with our legal obligations. We use your orders and reviews based on the legitimate interest to simplify transactions and to gain insight into the product preferences of our customers. This allows us to adapt the composition of the range to the preferences of our customers.

After deleting your account, we will only keep your data if we are legally obliged to do so. If this is not the case, your account data will be deleted immediately (with the exception of order data, such as invoices, which we must keep for 7 years).



We have a customer service to answer questions and solve problems. You can call, e-mail or chat with us or send a message via social media, such as Facebook and Instagram.

We can help you more efficiently by storing your data. In doing so, we process the following personal data:

First and last name

Email address (if you email us)

Phone number (if you call us)

Notes on customer contact

IP address (if you chat with us)

A telephone call can be recorded for training and analysis purposes. At the beginning of the call, you will be informed that the call may be recorded, the purposes of such recordings and the intended recipient. You have the right to object to this. You also have the right to request access to such a recording. We have a legitimate interest in using these interactions to improve our services. We keep the telephone conversation for 3 months.

Do you ask a question via social media? Then we store the data we receive with the data we already have about you. We do this to be able to respond to your question or comment as well as possible and to be able to provide you with a more personal service later on.

Questions you ask our customer service will be stored for a period of 6 months.



We like to collect reviews about our products in order to improve products and help other customers. If you leave a review with us, the review will be assessed on the criteria of food legislation and regulations and you agree that we can approach you in response to your review. In doing so, we process the following personal data:

Email address

Name (this can also be a so-called Nickname)



We like to collect reviews about our services. We use a third party for this, Trustpilot. During the completion of the ordering process, on the thank you page, we explicitly ask you for permission to use Trustpilot. If you give permission, the following data will be exchanged with Trustpilot, after which the review process will start and your buyers will enjoy protection:

Order date


Purchase amount

Payment method


Email address

Name of the webshop

IP address

If you have an account with Trustpilot or you have previously given permission for the services of Trustpilot at another webshop, this permission will not be requested again on our webshop. For more information:



If you visit our website and look around it, we process the following information in the form of cookies or comparable techniques (see also our cookie statement):

Your approximate location based on part of your IP address

What you do on our website, for example what you click

Your type of internet browser and the type of device you use to visit our website

We process this data based on our legitimate interest to improve the website and to gain insight into the product preferences of our customers.

We only keep your visitor data for as long as we are obliged to do so and for a maximum of 26 months. We will then ask for your permission again, otherwise the data will be permanently deleted.



We do various forms of marketing. E-mail, SMS, social media and/or other media are used. Advertising banners that we use on our and third-party websites also fall under the channels that we use for marketing. We try to make the marketing communication as relevant as possible for you. For this we need data that helps us to understand what your interests are and what you are looking for. We analyze your behavior based on our marketing communications. We also analyze the response and effectiveness of our campaigns based on your response and behavior towards them.



With our newsletter we would like to draw your attention to new developments and offers. You can subscribe to the newsletter via the website. We will only send you newsletters if you have expressly given us permission to do so. We retain your consent to receive newsletters so that we can establish our legal basis for sending newsletters. When you unsubscribe from the newsletter, you will immediately remove your e-mail address from our list. With our newsletter we would like to draw your attention to new developments and offers. If you use our newsletter, we process the following information:

Email address

What you click on in the newsletter

We use your email address to send you the newsletter. You can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time by clicking on the unsubscribe link in the newsletter or if you have created an account, by withdrawing your permission in your account. We use your click behavior to determine which parts of the newsletter you are interested in. We use this information to compile the newsletter. We process your click behavior on the basis of our legitimate interest to gain insight into the preferences of our customers.



We would like to inform you by means of an SMS about new developments and offers on our website. We will then process the following data from you:

Phone number – this is only used for sending the SMS message

What you click on in the text message – this information is used for analysis purposes to determine which parts of the message customers are interested in

You can unsubscribe at any time by following the unsubscribe instruction in the SMS.



We advertise our products on third party websites and social media platforms. Advertising networks and media agencies are involved for this. If we do that, we will process the following data:

Your historical purchases

Your click behavior on our site and online advertisements

Your IP address or advertising ID

If you click on an online advertisement for our products (for example on Google or Facebook), we record on our website that you clicked on an advertisement and where the relevant advertisement was shown. We only process this personal data if you have given permission for the placement of the cookies that are associated with the processing in question. You can withdraw your consent for these advertising cookies at any time via the cookie statement. If you create an account or have made a purchase, we can assign you to an audience ('audience') based on your e-mail address that we provide to a channel to show you an advertisement or to ensure that that ad is not shown. Your e-mail address is always 'hashed', which means that it is not readable but can be used for automated processing. We do this, for example, if you have shown interest in a product on our website, but you have not (yet) purchased it, or if you have purchased a specific product several times.



We conduct customer satisfaction surveys (surveys) among customers who order from us. For this we work together with marketing partners with whom we have a processing agreement. In doing so, we process at least the following personal data:

Email address


We process this data on the basis of our legitimate interest to gain insight into the preferences of our customers with regard to products or the user-friendliness of the webshop. Participation in a customer satisfaction survey is of course not mandatory.



We can draw attention to a campaign on our website by means of banners and pop-ups. Some of the campaigns offer the possibility to subscribe to our newsletter. We then process the following data:

Email address

First and last name

[Optional] Salutation

[Optional] Date of Birth

[Optional] Interests

IP address

We only process your data if you have given us permission to do so. We include your data in our file for sending e-mail newsletters.



By analyzing your behavior on the site, we are able to tailor the website to your personal preferences. This also involves profiling. Profiling is any form of automated data processing in which we analyze certain personal aspects of you to, among other things, predict your personal preferences and interests. We only use your click behavior (products viewed), purchase history and possibly account data to create generic customer patterns. We do not create a separate user profile for you. However, some parts of the website (recommended products) and the content of the newsletter are tailored to your personal preferences through the use of the generic customer patterns.



Apex Nutrition will not sell your personal information to third parties and will only make it available to third parties that are involved in processing your order. Think, for example, of PostNL for the delivery of parcels in the Netherlands. We may also share your data with partners who help us with:

supporting our customer service;

supporting our advertising and marketing campaigns;

supporting customer research and obtaining ratings and reviews;

providing financial services, such as payment services, collection agencies and credit reference agencies.

Our employees and third parties engaged by us are obliged to respect the confidentiality of your data. We do not allow third parties to use your personal data for their own purposes; we only authorize third parties to process your data for specific purposes and in accordance with our instructions.

Sometimes we have to pass on personal data to the government. This can first of all occur if certain government institutions need this information for the performance of their duties, such as the tax authorities. The police or judicial authorities may also need certain information in the event of fraud or abuse. Finally, certain supervisors may have access to personal data in the context of an investigation.



You have the right to view, correct or delete your personal data. In addition, you have the right to withdraw any consent to the data processing or to object to the processing of your personal data. You also have the right to portability of your data. This means that you can submit a request to us to send the personal data we have about you in a computer file to you or to an organization mentioned by you.

You can send a request for inspection, correction, deletion or transfer of your personal data or a request for withdrawal of your consent to or objection to the processing of your personal data to info@apexnutrition.NL. After establishing your identity, we will inform you within four weeks of receipt of your request which of your personal data we process or can possibly delete, shield or improve.

If you have created an account, you can view and change your data at any time via the my account page.



We take many measures to protect your personal data. Both organizationally and technically. We have a group of specialists who work daily to secure our systems and look for vulnerabilities. By means of a strict access control, we ensure that your personal data is only accessible to employees for whom it is necessary that they work with it. In addition, we regularly have our security tested by external experts. Do we give your data to someone else? Then we require that the other party treats your data as carefully as we do. An agreement is always concluded with the relevant party/processor for this.



If you have a complaint about compliance with this privacy statement or about a violation of your rights under the law, you can contact complaints@apexnutrition.NL. You also have the option to submit a complaint to the Dutch Data Protection Authority. For the contact details of the Dutch Data Protection Authority, please refer to their website:



Name controller: Apex Nutrition

Phone number : +31682460748

E-mail address : info@apexnutrition. Nl


The privacy statement was last updated on October 06, 2021.