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Shilajit: What To Look For When Buying Shilajit

Useful tips to avoid buying fake Shilajit.

Shilajit or mineral pitch as it is commonly called is one of the bodybuilding supplements that is gaining popularity day by day. People are now aware of the many health benefits that can be derived from its intake, most of which are supported by scientific explanations.


Disclaimer: The content of this blog is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice, recommendation or health claim. While we strive to provide accurate and up-to-date information about various supplements and the studies that have been conducted on them, we always encourage readers to conduct their own research and/or seek professional medical advice before deciding to take any to use supplements.

The links to products on this blog are provided for the convenience of the reader only. Linking to our products in no way implies that these products provide specific health benefits, such as conclusions from studies or that they have been approved by medical professionals. We do not make any health claims about our products.


While the health benefits and uses of Shilajit are no longer in dispute, it is the authenticity of Shilajit products that has become a cause for concern. Why? Nowadays, many people have fallen prey to buying fake Shilajit products that have no health benefits. On the contrary, they can pose a threat to your health. There are reports that some manufacturers even use fertilizers to mimic shilajit's fulvic acid.

Imagine what an amount of inorganic fertilizer can do to your health. Very dangerous things I must say! Therefore, you need to find ways that can help you find original and pure Shilajit that is free from compromising mixtures.

 Shilajit pure

Forms of Counterfeit Shilajit

There are numerous types of Shilajit on the market that are most definitely fake. For example, Shilajit in the form of powder, tablets and pills is mostly fake. The real and original Shilajit comes in resin form. However, there are resin counterfeits that have entered the market. These types of counterfeit Shilajit are very difficult to spot, especially if they are thick and gooey.

Shilajit powder form and tablets are definitely fake. Manufacturers make this form of Shilajit out of convenience, and they win the hearts of buyers by removing the unpleasant taste associated with the original resin forms. In addition, it is easy and cheap to produce, which means more profit for these manufacturers. In addition, possibly processing Shilajit into powder form destroys the compounds in Shilajit, which reduces the effect and in some cases disappears. In addition to powdered Shilajit, there are also liquid forms that claim to be mixed with other herbs for added benefits. These are usually fake too! While you may benefit from the herbal concoction, there is every reason to be concerned about the authenticity of the purported Shilajit content.

 Shilajit resin benefits

Which form of Shilajit should you buy?

As I mentioned earlier, all non-resin forms of Shilajit are usually not real. So, if you want to get started with Shilajit supplementation, don't consider anything other than the pure resin form.


How do you know if you are buying 100% pure Shilajit?

The following are some tips to help you identify a pure shilajit resin that is free of contaminants.

  1. At room temperature it is a viscous liquid and very viscous.
  2. When it gets cold, it hardens and can be rolled into a ball and stretched like a tire.
  3. In water, original and pure Shilajit easily dissolves into a red-black colored solution, without leaving any residue. Fake Shilajit resin often leaves residue that is not completely soluble in water.
  4. In a flame test (fired), probably the most reliable way to check purity, pure Shilajit resin does not burn. Instead, it will form bubbles and turn to ash. However, fake Shilajit often catches fire.

What Is Fulvic Acid, And How Much Should Shilajit Contain?

Fulvic acid is a humic substance formed when plant material decomposes over a long period of time. It is soluble in water, and makes up the bulk of Shilajit's content. It is estimated that fulvic acid 60-80% of the total nutraceutical components of Shilajit. 

Who should pay attention to Shilajit?

Almost everyone can benefit from taking Shilajit. However, athletes and bodybuilders benefit even more from its intake. In them, its intake can increase muscle growth, relieve stress and improve overall sports performance. Shilajit is only discouraged for the people with naturally high iron content in the body

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