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Ajuga Turkestanica Extract - Double Deal - 180 Capsules

AJUGA TURKESTANICA EXTRACT with Amberkick is a vegan supplement used by Russian athletes in the 70s to improve their physical performance. This Ajuga Turkestanica extract comes directly from Uzbekistan.
• 180 capsules
• 10% standardized Turkestone Extract
• Authentic Ajuga Turkestanica extract from Uzbekistan
• Mixed for improved recording
• Increased protein synthesis due to added L-leucine
• Quality assurance with lab-tested Turkesterone
• 100% soluble in water

"Super happy with this product! Within the first two weeks I immediately noticed a difference in my strength and I also definitely see progress in my muscle growth." - "Sophie S."


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Ajuga Turkestanica Extract - Double Deal - 180 Capsules


Turkesterone: 10% Ajuga Turkestanica extract from Uzbekistan

Click here for the Triple Deal | €109.95

This Ajuga Turkestanica product is a 10% pure extract of the Ajuga Turkestanica plant, mixed with Amberkick ('Succinic Acid', also known as succinic acid) and L-leucine. Amberkick is widely used as a flavor enhancer (E363) in the food industry.

The third ingredient, L-leucine, is an essential amino acid that is a proven trigger for protein synthesis in both in vivo and in vitro studies.

Our 10% Ajuga Turkestanica extract is harvested in Uzbekistan in the Pamir-Alay mountain formation and are therefore seasonal. Since the Ajuga Turkestanica is a rare plant species, the use of the plant is regulated by 'the Institute of the Chemistry of Plant Substances' (ICPS). The Ajuga Turkestanica plant species is only found in Uzbekistan. 


We recommend a daily dose of 2 to 4 capsules. A good measure is to take 5 mg Turkesterone extract per kg body weight spread over the day. This means that with the current dosage, an average man of 80 kg has more than enough 4 capsules of Turkesterone per day.

In addition to the correct dosage of Turkesterone, we recommend a high-protein diet! A high protein diet is extremely important for the best results after and during training.


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* Health assessment is ongoing.

Properties and Benefits of Turkesterone

Mixed with the aim of improving recording

Increased protein synthesis due to added food grade L-leucine

100% soluble in water

10% standardized Turkesterone

Quality guarantee with lab tested Turkesterone

Authentic Ajuga Turkestanica extract from Uzbekistan

Our Ajuga Turkestanica Extract has been lab tested

How do you take Turkesterone

Take Turkesterone throughout the day

Turkesterone 10% Standardized

Quality guaranteed lab tested extract



Active Ingredients in Turkesterone

  • Ajuga Turkestanica Extract

    Turkesterone is extracted from the plant species 'Ajuga Turkestanica'. The Ajuga Turkestanica is native to Central Asia and Uzbekistan in particular. The Ajuga Turkestanica plant has a long history of use in the traditional medicine of this country. It is used in Uzbekistan as a home remedy for the treatment of high blood pressure, fever, malaria, dysentery and stomach and intestinal disorders.

    The 'Ajuga Turkestanica' plant has the highest concentration of Turkesterone and grows only on a few remote mountain slopes in Uzbekistan. This is therefore the only country where this extract can come from. Only a handful of labs are certified and capable of making a standardized extract of 10% Turkesterone. Various institutes have tried unsuccessfully several times to grow the plant in Europe and the US. The plant dies or simply does not produce a quality extract anywhere near.

  • Succinic acid

    Succinic Acid, or Amber Kick, is a simple flavor enhancer and antioxidant, also known as 'succinic acid' under the E number E363. The aim of mixing Turkesterone with Amberkick is to make the Turkesterone more soluble in water and thus improve the absorption of Turkesterone.

    Succinic acid occurs naturally in broccoli, rhubarb, sugar beet, various cheeses, red wine and sauerkraut. A liter of wine contains on average between 0.6 and 3 grams of succinic acid.

  • Leucine

    Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins and essential for many body functions. In total there are 20 amino acids that are important for your body. Your body does not make 9 of these amino acids itself and you must therefore get it through food. Under the category of these 9 essential amino acids, we identify 3 essential amino acids as branched-chain amino acids. These owe their name to their molecular structure. What makes these 3 amino acids so special is that these amino acids can be used for energy directly in the muscles. Other amino acids must first pass through the liver in order to be used. Leucine is one of these 3 branched-chain amino acids. The other two branched-chain amino acids are Isoleucine and Valine.

  • HPMC Capsule

    HPMC stands for hydroxypropyl methylcellulose or hypromellose for short. HPMC is the material most supplement capsules are made of. It is transparent, tasteless, vegetarian and vegan material. Normally it is made from the extraction of wood pulp.

    It is completely safe to consume and dissolves very quickly in water.


Frequently asked questions

  • How does Turkesterone work?

    Unfortunately, due to strict regulations in the EU, we are not allowed to provide much information about the possible effects of Turkesterone.

    We would advise you to do your own research on this. However, always seek advice from a doctor or nutritionist before starting a new supplement.

  • What Are the Benefits of Turkesterone?

    Due to strict regulations, we are allowed to provide limited information about the benefits of Turkesterone.

    In addition to your own research, we recommend that you always consult a doctor or a nutritionist before you start taking a supplement.

  • Dosage of Turkesterone

    We recommend spreading two to four times a day, one capsule during or after a meal. If this is not possible, we recommend at least taking the capsule with a large glass of water.

  • Is Turkesterone Safe?

    It is clear that turkesterone is a popular drug, but is it safe?

    For the safety of Turkesterone, we would like to advise you to speak to a doctor or nutritionist for appropriate advice.

    Several studies have been done on the safety of Turkesterone.

    Although various studies have been conducted that suggest that Turkesterone is safe and does not cause any negative side effects with short and long-term use, we recommend that you stop taking it for at least 8 weeks after 2 weeks of use to reset your body. Below we have posted a study that studied safety for your information.

    In 2021, Biophytis will have a scientific review published which discusses the safety of Ecdysterone / Turkesterone. Thus it is referred to the scientific book: “Invertebrate Endocrinology and Hormonal Heterophylly Experimentsdescribing how rats were administered 9,000 MG Ecdysterone/Turkesterone per KG body weight. No negative effects were noted. The book also describes a study in which rats were given 2,000 MG Ecdysterone / Turkesterone per KG body weight daily for 35 days. Again, no negative effects were noted.

    With a daily dose of 2 to 4 capsules of Turkesterone, based on an average body weight of 80KG, you take 2.5MG – 5MG Ecdysterone / Turkesterone per KG of body weight.

    Despite the very low toxicity of Turkesterone, our product has been tested in the lab. You can find the check digits in our Quality guarantee

  • Is the safety of Turkesterone researched?

    Yes, recent studies have found no negative side effects after taking Turkesterone for a long time.

    During the  research from 2017, 24 young and older healthy volunteers were given 14 to 100 mg Turkesterone / Ecdysterone every day for 1400 days without any side effects or toxic blood values.

    At another recent research from 2019 ("Ecdysteroids as non-conventional anabolic agent: performance enhancement
    by ecdysterone supplementation in humans"), 46 volunteers participated in a 10-week training program in which participants took 200mg to 800mg of Turkesterone/Ecdysterone daily.

    To determine side effects, both blood and urine samples were extensively examined. The scientists were not able to find any side effects of Turkesterone / Ecdysterone in this study.

  • What is Amberkick and what does it do?

    Amberkick is a simple flavor enhancer and antioxidant, also known as 'succinic acid' under the E number E363.

    Succinic acid occurs naturally in broccoli, rhubarb, sugar beet, various cheeses, red wine and sauerkraut. A liter of wine contains on average between 0.6 and 3 grams of succinic acid.

  • Is Amberkick safe?

    Amberkick, also known as succinic acid or succinic acid, is "GRAS" approved by the FDA. "GRAS" stands for "Ggenerally Recognized ASafe", translates this means: "Acommon Erecognised Als Vsafe.

    In Europe, succinic acid is mainly used as a food additive. Succinic acid is considered safe as a food additive in the EU.

  • What is L-Leucine good for?

    Leucine is a valuable addition to the supplement Turkesterone, to support muscle building and recovery. The amino acid L-leucine plays an important role in further optimizing muscle building and recovery. Leucine enhances the muscle-building stimulus in the muscles

  • Supplement as a supplement

    This supplement is intended to complement a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. It should not be considered a substitute for food or medication prescribed by a qualified health care professional.

    While this supplement may contain beneficial nutrients, it is important to emphasize that it is not a panacea and cannot fulfill all nutritional needs. It is essential to maintain a varied diet rich in nutrients from a variety of sources, along with regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle.


All our products have been tested for safety and quality in an independent lab.

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