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Dry training for the summer?

Summer is slowly approaching and that means of course we want to look our best for summer. With that warm weather we can sit on a terrace again, go for a swim, but also go to the beach a lot. However, most of us haven't worn our swimsuits since last summer and our bodies have changed a bit over the winter. Many people now want to dry their bodies for the summer and make sure they look beach ready again. Dry training is not always easy, so how do you get your body beach ready for the summer?


 Dry training for the summer

Dry training and diet

Many people like to do dry training, but not everyone wants to have to adjust their diet for this. Still, following a good, healthy diet is the most important thing to do if you want to dry-clean. Dry training is about 80% about what you eat and only 20% about the amount of exercise you get. Here are some foods best to eat for weight loss.


Chicken breast

You have probably heard that chicken breast is very healthy and it really is! Chicken breast is not only low in fat, but also low in calories. In addition, almost everyone likes chicken breast and it is super easy to use in many different recipes. Another big advantage of chicken breast is that it contains a lot of proteins / proteins, which is very important if you want to train properly and build muscle. This is important for dry training, because with a larger muscle mass you burn more calories and faster.



There are many people who really like soup, but it is also very useful if you want to train dry. Our body needs a lot of fluids and soup supplies that fluid. In addition, soup is so useful for weight loss, because it is sufficiently filling, but at the same time also contains relatively few calories. So eat soup more often in the evening if you want to lose weight.


leafy vegetables

Unfortunately, not everyone likes this, but leafy vegetables are super important when it comes to dry training. Leafy vegetables contain a lot of fiber and your body desperately needs these fibers. In addition, leafy vegetables also contain a lot of moisture, which at the same time ensures that you feel fuller for longer. Your body also desperately needs the nutrients that are in leafy vegetables. These nutrients support both your muscle tissue and your health and with more muscle you also burn more calories. The best leafy greens to eat are endive, kale, or spinach.



You may think that you should avoid fats if you want to train dry, but not all fats are unhealthy fats. Your body still desperately needs certain fats. If you want to eat the right fats, you should eat some more nuts. These contain a lot of unsaturated fats that your body needs. Nuts also contain a lot of protein and fiber, so they ensure that you are full faster. Nuts are also super handy to eat as a healthy snack, so you can still snack. Nuts also contain a lot of vitamin E, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, folic acid and potassium. The best nuts to eat include pecans, almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, and cashews.



One of the most important foods you should eat to lose weight is oatmeal. You may think you need to avoid carbohydrates in order to dry-train, but there is a difference between the fast carbohydrates in bread and pasta, also known as the bad carbohydrates, and slow carbohydrates found in whole grains and oatmeal. These are the good carbohydrates, from which your body can get a lot of energy. In addition, oatmeal is also packed with fiber, which makes you feel full faster. Finally, oatmeal can be eaten in many different ways, so it is not difficult to process in your daily diet. This way you can make regular oatmeal or baked oats, overnight oats or throw some oatmeal in your smoothie.



This is a very important food, especially for people who exercise, but eggs are very good for you. They are full of proteins and these ensure that you are full for longer and generally eat less. The big advantage of proteins is that they restore your muscles after exercise, so that you can build more muscle mass and therefore burn more calories. It is therefore very important that you eat enough eggs if you want to train dry while preserving muscle mass.



To get your body beach ready for the summer, it is important that you get enough exercise. In the first instance it is of course important that you follow a healthy diet, but exercising is also important when you want to do dry training, because you can burn calories and lose excess fat. Here are a few sports and activities that will give you a good dry workout.

Dry training with fitness



More and more people are starting to do boxing as a cardio workout and for good reason. Boxing is very effective if you want to burn a lot of calories. If you hit a punching bag for an hour, you will burn 500 calories in that hour! Of course you can also box with an opponent in the ring. This is not for everyone and of course not necessary, but it does burn almost twice as many calories. You don't need a punching bag at all if you want to start boxing to lose weight, because you could also shadow box.

 Dry training with boxing



Swimming is not only a very effective sport, but also a super fun sport to lose weight. Swimming laps may seem a bit boring to some, but it actually ensures that you can completely relax. However, you can also use the time by thinking about things if you want. While swimming you can also burn 500 kilocalories per hour when you go swimming in a calm backstroke or breaststroke, for example. However, if you choose to swim at a faster pace with the freestyle or even butterfly stroke, the number of calories you burn per hour can go up to 900 kilocalories!



This may not be the ideal method for everyone to lose weight, because not everyone likes being in the gym, but fitness can be very useful if you want to get back in shape. If you only exercise with light weights, you can burn 250 kilocalories per hour. With heavier weights you can increase this even further to 1.000 kilocalories per hour. However, it is true that you most likely will not lose weight from fitness. You build muscle mass with this and muscles weigh more than fat. At the same time, more muscle mass can also burn more fat, so that you at least get back in shape.



Many people like to run when they want to do dry training. Not only do you get outside in this way and you can see a lot of beautiful nature (depending on the location where you are going to run of course, but you also burn calories quickly. If you start running slowly, you can already burn 650 kilocalories per hour. Another big advantage of running is that it is easy to sustain, you can do this for a longer period of time than a martial art for example, which also makes it easier to burn more calories.



Finally, cycling is also a very effective way to prepare your body for the summer. It is also accessible to everyone, as all you need is a bicycle. You also don't have to ride a bike like you're a cyclist if you'd rather not. With very gentle cycling, for example a maximum of 10 kilometers per hour, you burn about 330 kilocalories in an hour. However, most people cycle at about 20 kilometers per hour, which means that you can burn 660 kilocalories per hour. If you really want to burn even more calories, you can also cycle at 30 kilometers per hour. It is even possible to burn about 1.300 kilocalories per hour! So take your bike to work more often or go for a bike ride every evening after dinner. It is easy to maintain and especially very easy to do somewhere in between. This way you will have your body completely beach ready for the summer in no time.



It is logical that you have to eat healthy and exercise to lose weight, but using supplements can also help you get your body beach ready for the summer. By using supplements in addition to exercise, you ensure that your body can lose less muscle mass. There are also plenty of supplements that even help you burn fat. Here are a few supplements that could help you slim your body.



turkesterone is one of the best supplements to use if you want to get your body beach ready for summer again. First of all, this supplement ensures that your body is less fatigued during a training, so that you can exercise longer and better. In addition, the Turkesterone also ensures that you can build muscle mass faster, as it accelerates the production of proteins in your body, so that you will see results faster and burn more fat faster. Finally, Turkesterone prevents muscle breakdown, so you can be sure that you will only keep moving forward. So if you want to get your body beach ready for the summer again, Turkesterone is an indispensable supplement.


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Another beneficial supplement is creatine. This supplement also helps your body build muscle, but it also prevents muscle loss when you exercise a little less. By simply continuing to take a scoop of creatine every day, your body will not only progress faster, but also deteriorate less quickly when it is summer and you may move less. Another advantage of creatine as a supplement is that it limits muscle breakdown as a result of endurance training. This means that your body will break down less muscle if you do more cardio. Creatine is therefore ideal if you want to get your body beach ready for the summer.


Simple tips

If you would like to start dry training, it goes without saying that you have to exercise and eat well. Although this is very important for dry training, this is not all you can do to get your body beach ready for the summer. There are also many simple tips and smart tricks that you can use to get back in your best shape.


drink water

This may also seem like a diet tip, because water is naturally healthy and very important for our body, but it includes much more. In addition to the fact that it is best to replace unhealthy drinks with water, it is also very useful to counteract a feeling of hunger, for example. Unfortunately, it does not help to throw back a liter of water when you are hungry (that doesn't feel good either), but by consistently drinking more than enough water every day, you will notice that you have less and less appetite for snacks and that you stays full longer. Another important aspect of drinking water is that it also removes the waste from your body faster.


eat quietly

This tip is very useful for dry training and also not that difficult if you make the time for it. Most people are very busy, so you often eat something in a hurry or on the road. First of all, this ensures that you also tend to grab something unhealthy, because this is often faster and easier. In addition, eating quickly and eating without paying attention ensures that you do not realize in time that you are already full. When you eat fast and distracted, you keep eating and you don't give your body a chance to signal that it is already full. If you would like to train dry, it is therefore important that you take the time to sit down somewhere and make sure that you really keep your head on the food. It is therefore best to eat at a leisurely pace and not watch TV in the meantime, so that your body can indicate in time that it has had enough.


Find alternatives

Many people may think that they have to completely stop snacking if they want to dry-train, but that's not true at all. It's a good idea not to eat too many snacks of course, but if this doesn't work, you can also just look for healthy alternatives. For example, replace chips with vegetables and eat a rice cake instead of a cookie. You can also replace a sandwich that you normally get from a bakery somewhere with a healthier meal salad. So you don't necessarily have to stop snacking, but make sure you find healthier alternatives with fewer calories. That way you just lose weight.


Have a goal

It quickly becomes very tempting to force yourself to look a certain way in, say, a month, but don't do this. There is a good chance that you will not achieve this unrealistic goal at all. Or maybe you're trying to lose weight without a concrete goal. It is extremely important that you have a goal in mind, but of course you need a realistic goal if you want to train effectively. Think carefully about what is achievable and don't be afraid to push yourself a bit, but make sure it's not unrealistic. You also have to give yourself time. There is often no such thing as a quick dry workout and things like this take time and consistency. So give yourself time to work towards your goals.


Avoid stress

You probably already know that stress is very bad for us, but it also affects our physical health. On the one hand, stress makes you unhealthy and eat more quickly, but research has also shown that stress can cause you to build up more body fat. Disastrous for dry training! So make sure you avoid stress as much as possible. It is also more favorable to lose weight if you are calm. It seems that people who are happy and calm lose weight faster. This also means that you should not force your body to lose pounds in a quick time so take it easy, work towards your goal and don't worry about it too much. This way you will get your body completely beach ready again.


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