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Dropset Pin

The DROPSET PIN! is the ideal gym partner for drop sets! Keep constant tension on your muscles, get a better pump and more muscle growth! This dropset pin allows athletes to quickly and efficiently reduce weight during an exercise without having to stop to manually change the pin.
• Effective drop setting
• Perform drop sets automatically
• A better pump
• More muscle growth
• Can be used in any gym
• Choice between 7.8 and 9.5 mm
• 2 dropset pins per box

"I have been using the dropset pin for several weeks now and I have to say that it is a game changer for my workouts. The ease with which I can lower the weight between sets without losing time is incredible." - "sofie"


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Dropset Pin


Dropset pin - sizes

7.8 mm is suitable for Technogym, Precor, Cybex

9.5 mm Matrix, Life fitness, Hammer strength

Quick Weight Adjustment: Our dropset pin allows you to switch from one weight to another in an instant, ideal for dropsets.

Durability: Made from high-quality metal with a sturdy rubber grip, our dropset pin guarantees durability and reliability.

Maximize Your Workout: By using the dropset pin you can push the muscles to the limit, which is essential for muscle growth and strength gains.

Time saving: Reduce rest time between sets and keep the intensity of your workout high with this quick and convenient solution.

Multiple sizes: Designed to fit a wide range of weight machines, this pin is a versatile addition to your gym accessories.



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Features and Benefits of the Dropset Pin

High quality

Automatic drop setting

Competitively priced

Better pump during training

More muscle growth

More intensive work sets

High quality

How do you use the dropset pin?

More muscle growth through better work sets

Premium Dropset Pin

High quality for better and more intensive work sets!

drop sets = more muscle

Exercises with pin

  • Legs

    Leg Press, Leg Extension Machine, Seated Leg Curl Machine, Hip Abduction Machine, Smith Machine Squats, Leg Press Calf Raises, Standing Calf Raise Machine, Leg Press Hack Squats.

  • Chest

    Machine Chest Press, Pec Deck Machine,Cable Fly, Machine Fly,Seated Machine Press, Machine Incline Press

  • Back

    Lat Pulldown,Seated Cable Row, Machine Back Extension,Machine Reverse Fly, Pull-over Machine, Upright Row Machine,One-Arm Machine Row

  • poor

    Bicep Curl Machine,Tricep Pushdown,Machine Preacher Curl,Tricep Extension Machine,Machine Arm Curl,Cable Bicep Curl, Overhead Cable Tricep Extension, Forearm Curl Machine, Machine Dip


Frequently asked questions

  • Does the dropset pin fit in every device?

    Take a good look at what size you need for the dropset pin. Have you found the right dimensions? Then they should fit in any device. However, sometimes it can happen that a device does not have the standard length weights, causing the dropset pin to be too short. Unfortunately, you cannot use this drop set pin with these devices. But this will only be the case with 5 to 10 percent of the devices.

  • what diameter dropset pin do I need?

    7.8 mm is suitable for Technogym, Precor, Cybex

    9.5 mm Matrix, Life fitness, Hammer strength

  • Why are drop sets good?

    Dropsets are effective for muscle growth because they provide intense muscle loading, which leads to increased muscle damage and hormonal responses that stimulate muscle repair and growth. They are ideal to end a workout, maximizing muscle exhaustion for optimal growth.

  • Can I also order 1 pin?

    Would you like to order one dropset pin? Please contact us via email or chat. Then we can see what we can do for you.

  • How many Kilograms can the dropset pin handle?

    Well over 150 KG


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